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Our practice is not currently in contract with any insurance companies.  Therefore, services will need to be paid for at the time.  We will provide our patients with what is called a superbill.  A superbill has all the information needed to turn into a person’s private insurance company for reimbursement including CPT codes, cost, diagnosis codes, tax id numbers, and place of service.  People often find that their initial consultation and blood panel are often reimbursed and/or put towards their deductible.


We have two programs that we offer for our patients to help with finances if there are difficulties paying in full at the time of the treatment:


  1. Care Credit: This is a medical “credit card” that can only be used in a medical office, others that may accept Care Credit is the dentist, pharmacy, DME, Vet, Medical Spa, to name a few.  We as a practice have put into place with Care Credit a contract that allows our patients to pay 0% interest if paid off within a 1-year time period.  We can help you with the application in our office and receive a decision within seconds for approval.  This is based on credit score.  For those who have lower credit scores there is the ability to add a co-signer.


  1. Help Card: This is much like the Care Credit information above.  People who may not have as high of a credit score are often able to be approved by this program.  It does carry a high interest rate.  We are able to help you apply for this program as well.


In special circumstances we are able to help our patient’s create private payment plans with the practice.  These will be on a case to case basis and should not be counted on as an option.  Our goal is to make sure that all patients who need care and/or services.  We will try to help with all resources available to make this a possibility.

We are more then happy to help you apply for either of these programs while you are here at the practice or you may click on the links below for an application.  The application process takes just moments and does not require any supporting documentation.  Decisions are immediately available after submission of application.