Functional Medicine


Conventional medicine primarily identifies the symptoms a patient is experiencing and uses those symptoms to identify a disease and to create a treatment plan that frequently involves finding the proper pharmaceuticals that will reduce the symptoms. The conventional medicine approach is an outstanding approach for some conditions, but it can really miss the underlying cause in many other situations.

Have you ever heard of getting a prescription to alleviate the symptoms of some health condition? Have you ever heard of a prescription alleviating symptoms but also adding a new symptom? Conventional medicine is great at treating acute issues, not really treating chronic issues which means to address the underlying cause.

Do you know someone that has to see a handful of different doctors each prescribing different medications? Unfortunately, they are becoming a "patients for life". However, functional medicine is the future of medicine and it involves understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of complex, chronic disease so YOU don't have to become or stay a patient for life.

Functional medicine is a new way of understanding, assessing, preventing, and treating chronic disease. It integrates a variety of science-based approaches to find and treat underlying imbalances in how the body's systems are functioning. Practitioners focus on what's unique about a patient and try to understand how genetics, environment, and lifestyle interact with the body's systems to create dysfunction. Treatments are then tailored to change and restore how the body's systems function.

Our Functional Medicine practice in Missoula, MT works with you to find immediate relief by identifying key contributors to your current health challenge.

At New Health Montana, we work together towards addressing the underlying cause and getting you on the road to New Health in Missoula, MT