IV Vitamin Infusions

IV THERAPY delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are injected directly to the bloodstream for maximum absorption. Enriching vitamins and minerals nourish your system at the cellular level because they are “pushed” directly into cells. The IV method allows larger doses of these supplements to be safely administered that could not be tolerated orally.  Bypassing the digestive system, which is extremely beneficial especially, for those who have digestive issues.  Additionally, the “concentration gradient” allows rapid, efficient, active transport of the nutrients into your cells, yielding optimal results.


Look Better, Feel Better

Celebrities and the social elite have been early adopters of the amazing results of IV Therapy and Booster Shots. Although offering these treatments in a private spa-like setting is a relatively new concept, the time has come to bring modern wellness to the masses.

​IV THERAPY rapidly boosts nutrient levels in the center of cells–where nutrients are needed most. Only when those cells have the concentration of nutrients they need to function properly, can true healing begin. Most INFUSION patients report immediate improvements after an infusion. Nutrients, fluids, and medications that cannot be taken by patients orally can be administered by IV. When you administer these vitamins via saline drip, you rehydrate and achieve higher absorption.

IV THERAPY fights exhaustion, fatigue, and delivers an energy boost. It helps protect and promote a healthy immune system. It also improves the appearance of skin, hair & nails, slows the aging process, and helps regulate sleep, mood, and appetite.

Infusions Menu

Weight Loss

This newer infusion is found to be a very effective and efficient aid in weight loss. The main ingredient Alpha Lipoic Acid is known to be a very powerful aid to help with insulin sensitivity, it’s the effect on blood sugars and fatty acid metabolism. This is a highly tailored infusion and is not made for vitamin supplementation, immune boost, or hydration. We recommend three times weekly for 4 weeks. Infusion time is approximately one hour to 1.5 hours. This is a great addition to anyone taking part in the HCG program.

Healthy Weight Support

Deficiencies in L-carnitine can lead to tiredness and muscular weaknesses, which may affect the quality and frequency of workouts. As a boost to a healthy eating and exercise plan, our L-Carnitine weight loss IV therapy infusions encourage the body to convert excess stored fat into energy, resulting in a slimmer physique and higher endurance levels. We recommend once weekly for twelve weeks for the best results. Infusion time is approximately one-hour.

Hangover Helper

Just like it sounds! This infusion is an excellent way to help manage the feelings of a very long night out. This comes packed full of nutrients and medication to help with nausea and unease in your body. This is an excellent way to help rehydrate and increase your activities for the remainder of the weekend. Infusion time is typically one hour.

Myer’s Cocktail

A mix of vitamins used to enhance our quality of life. You can see a decrease in fatigue, depression, migraines, and rhinitis. We also see improvements in hyperthyroidism, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. Approximately one-hour infusion time.

Beauty Bliss

An infusion that offers a strong micronutrient and anti-oxidant boost. Glutathione is a medication that we utilize to aid in anti-aging and beauty offering the ability to enhance your overall skin health by its ability to detox your liver and kidneys. You will experience a healthier “glow” and an increase in your energy level. We recommend bi-weekly for three weeks and then maintenance as needed. Infusion time is approximately one hour.

Immune Booster

This infusion has been found to be highly efficient in helping decrease the processes which directly increase our risks of serious chronic conditions including HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancers, liver diseases and cardiovascular disease, and more. It acts a s a major antioxidant and detoxifying agent in our body. Infusion time is generally 1.5-2 hours.

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