Should a woman consider bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for menopause treatment?

For many, the answer is YES!

Why? Because our bodies never stop needing hormones... but their ability to produce them diminishes over time. Hormones help to keep us emotionally balanced, help our skin, help us control weight, are important for bone and muscle creation, and are used in the synaptic firings in our brains! They protect our hearts. They make a difference all over the body!

Our method is based on The Menopause Method which was founded by David Rosensweet M.D. Their objective is to be the standard of care. It is SAFE, ORGANIC and most importantly IT WORKS.

A common concern: "Doctor, what about breast cancer?"

Contrary to what you may have heard, the preponderance of the medical literature states that treatment with bio-identical hormones LOWERS your risk of breast cancer.

Adequate hormones are needed for energy, libido, healthy arteries, cognitive function, and a healthy memory.

Inadequate hormones can lead to weight gain, osteoporosis, muscle loss, and diminished bladder control. Not to mention the hot flashes, insomnia, palpitations, dry skin, wrinkles and worry that often come on with menopause.

We specialize in menopause. This matters! We would all prefer the knee surgeon that had done five other knee operations that week, not that month. The same is true of menopause medicine: Specialization leads to better treatment!

We understand that hormones may not be for everyone. We know how to determine the risks and benefits for YOU. We know that with hormones it is so important to get just the right amount. Not too much and not too little. When you find that sweet spot (we base it off your symptoms and testing)