To Whom it may concern;

My son-in-law is a patient of Kay's. Under her care, he has improved drastically. When I first met him, he wouldn't come to my house or hold much of a conversation with me. He came for just a short time on Christmas one year, a short time on July 4th, and for his daughter's birthday party. Other than that, he just wasn't able to.

Prior to Kay's care, he would barely have a conversation with me. When he asked for my daughter's hand in marriage, he did it over texting. When I asked if we could talk on the phone, he said he couldn't so we continued the conversation through text messages. Over the past year, this has changed considerably. He has now joined us for several holidays, even staying the whole day sometimes. He has stopped by my house and come in for a visit several times. I've had numerous conversations with him over the phone and in person. When I used to drop by their house, I would stay outside and my daughter would talk to me in the yard. Now, I am invited in and he will have long conversations with me. He and I have built a strong relationship over the past year. Prior to this, I barely knew him except for what I was told by others.

One of the greatest blessings I've seen with Kay's care for him is how much she actually CARES about him. She has gone above and beyond what most care providers do to assist their patients. She has done extra research on his condition to try to provide answers and help for him. Her generous care for him has struck me the most and I believe that is why my son-in-law is now thriving the way he is around people he wasn't able to spend time with in the past.


Kay has changed our lives! In fact, finding the words to depict how incredible this woman is, is proving to be extremely difficult. She is honest, sincere, and dedicated to her patients and their families. My husband has severe PTSD, bipolar, anxiety, and depression. He has struggled with suicide for most of his life. Before coming to Kay's office, he was on a multitude of prescriptions that were meant to mask his symptoms and they weren't even doing well at that. She got to the root of his issues and now he is only on a handful of medications - most of which are natural supplements. She gave him these meds to treat his illness, not to mask the symptoms of his illness. She has given my husband the ability to be present for our family and the ability to be the daddy and husband that he's always wanted to be. Kay, I'm eternally grateful for everything you have done for us! There are no words to describe my thanks!


Dearest Kay,

I don't actually know you personally, but you've become a part of my family. You single handedly saved my brother's life. For roughly 20 years now I have watched my brother be tormented by mental anguish. Nothing anyone could say or do helped and they tried everything. Just when we were all but out of hope you came along. Miraculously my brother started to become himself again. You can hear happiness in his voice again. It is blatantly obvious even to someone 600 miles away, that you are truly one of a kind. Your passion for your patients is unmatched by any medical professional I've ever heard of. YOU ACTUALLY CARE. You have done for him what no one else has been able to even come close to doing, you gave him back a spark of joy that has flourished into a flame of happiness. For these reasons my family will forever be in debt to you. Thank you so much for what you've done. People like you make the world a better place to be in and we can never repay you for that.

Warmest Regards,
John & Kass

"Young Man, you are remanded into the custody of the State". So began the terrible descent into the world of physical and psychological abuse by a youth boot camp for our 12 year old son. After being released from this horrible place, he was diagnosed with bi-polar, depression, severe anxiety and PTSD. Suicidal thoughts were a constant thing. He graduated high school and went on to get three different degrees trying so very hard to escape the demons in his mind. He went to so many doctors and was on a multitude of different prescriptions. He even underwent Electro Convulsive Therapy. Nothing worked. At least not for long. It was so painful as a mom and dad to watch him go through all of his with our hands tied and unable to help him. Then we found out about Kay. I was super skeptical at first but after meeting with her, he decided to give it a try. He is in the midst of treatments with Kay but they changed his life. How exactly do you thank someone for that! She cares about him. She cares about his family. She cares about every aspect of his life. Her staff cares. Her patients aren't paychecks to her. She has gone way above and beyond what anyone would ever do for another human. She sacrifices herself for her patients. They are real people that she cares about. You truly are one of a kind Kay Jennings!